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Can't We All Just Be Pretentious?

someday when i'm famous, you'll wish you'd known me now

Obsessor of Sci-Fi
23 November 1987
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if you would like to use this or a similar banner or button to advertise the Hewlett Wedding Fundraiser, please e-mail me @
kibou_sueshijuu [at] hotmail [dot] com and I can point you in the right direction. There are a few different sizes and styles.

McShep mood theme courtesy of the fantastical and amazing kaaatie

"I'm just a messed up girl trying to find her own peace of mind." <-- the only quote to ever really capture me, in just one sentence. from "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"

Class Schedule for 2007 Winter Term:[Jan-Apr]
Stats - 10.30-11.30, MWF
Spanish - 1.30-2.30, MWF
Chemistry - 2.30-3.30, MWF
Stats Tutorial - 1-2, Tues
Spanish Tutorial - 12.30-1.30, F
Chem Lab - 2.30-5.30, Tues
Biology - online

Basics I'm a student at Dalhousie University, planning on majoring in Microbiology&Immunology. I believe in a lot of weird things - you know, things like aliens, and peace - and am pretty idealistic, yet somehow hypocritical. I tend to hold grudges, but the thing is getting me pissed to the point where I'd have a grudge to hold is really, really hard to do. I don't drink that much, a guinness now and then will suffice, and I don't smoke or do drugs. I'm female, and generally try to be friendly, but can sometimes be bitter and jaded. But hey, where's the fun in life if you can't harrass young people and laugh at their naivete? :P Oh, and I'm Canadian. Born in Ontario and lived there and in BC for a couple of short stints, spent most of my years in Saskatchewan, and now I reside in Nova Scotia with the 'rents and a couple of the brothers.

Obsessions Currently? Stargate: Atlantis, and all the pretty people involved in it. Well. Rodney Mckay/David Hewlett, and John Sheppard/Joe Flanigan, mostly. [Though Ronon Dex/Jason Momoa is one hot hawaiian, and with Jewel Staite on board now... -girly squee-]. While I thouroughly appreciate Joe Flanigan in all his earthy, Capricornian beauty, I have to say - I'm smitten for David Hewlett. I mean, come on, how could I not be? Have you seen his eyes? Those blue, blue, oh-so-blue eyes? Or his smile? There's something we don't see enough of in Atlantis, but it's amazing and bright and *squee*. And plus, he's a nerd. And loves Dr. Who. And he's Canadian! It's great to have some home-grown talent that is fantastical. Albeit, he was born in England... but he grew up right here in Canada, damn it, I have all the right to lay claim!

And, past obsessions... Well..:

Buffy, definately Buffy [sigh, I miss Buffy. :(]
X-Files. Oh, David Duchovney. You own my soul. You're so pretty. ^.^
Star Trek. Huge Star Trek Fan.
SG-1, although I'm only just getting back into it after being away for a couple years. I was upset over Richard Dean Anderson leaving, okay? Also, didn't really have time to keep up with it. Yay for Space running everything in syndication a million times over! [claps]
Lord of the Rings, was a huge one. The Elijah Wood love kind of sprung from me like a never-ending well, until, well. It ended. Except it didn't REALLY end. The love is still there, just not the obsession. He is ridiculously pretty, after all.
Jake Gyllenhall, and definately Brokeback Mountain, although that wasn't really an obsession as much as a total feeding of my slashy soul. God, that movie... *GUH*
I used to obsess over bands a lot, but not so much anymore. Music is still a huge part of my life, but, I obsess over the bands less and obsess over specific songs more. NSYNC was my first huge music obsession, lol, and I have loads of really really bad fanfiction to prove it. Good Charlotte was another obsession, and my friend and I wrote a lot of amusing, yet cheesy fic to go along with that, too.

Other, random stuff Hm. Well. In general, friend me if you're interested. Just leave a comment on my friends only post, and I'll undoubtedly add you back. The journal is friends only mostly for privacy's sake from family, not for any other reason, so there's no reason I have to not add you back! See ya around. Oh, and I have a blog on blogger, if you're interested: http://invading-ladybugs.blogspot.com

--Current Favourite Songs--
How to Save a Life - The Fray
Stronger Than Dirt - Tom McRae
She's Everything - Brad Paisley
Save Yourself - Senses Fail

websites you should see:
http://www.adogsbreakfastmovie.com <--- GO THERE NOW. and request a screening in halifax. It's David Hewlett's new movie. :D also, read his blog, he's hilarious.
http://loft-in-translation.blogspot.com <--- kate hewlett's blog. David Hewlett's sister. God, she's funny as hell. ^.^

my pet!

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