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09 October 2007 @ 09:29 am

okay, moment of silence for elizabeth...


and we're done...


it was actually suspenseful, I found. And the whole replicator mind-game thing, while old... still gets me every time. and yay for rodney finding random base code that attacks the wraith! wee!

and i absolutely LOVED john's comment about rodney's choice of words... "Penetrate?!" theyaresoingaylove. heeheehee.

and Rodney. we will never tire of you. although, my mom did burst out with "shut up!" when you were on one of your tangents. actually, right about the same time john barked at you... ahaha...

um. i dunno. that's really about it for that episode. not a lot really happened, did it?

oh, also, love Lee's comment about WoW. hehehe. nerds, unite! (or something. whatever.)

Also, still strong on John's intense faces. Good work, d00dz.

I don't really want to say too much, mainly because I'm lazy,. :D

I really loved it. It's understated, so at first it doesn't seem like much is happening, but if you pay attention, you'll see these things going on in the background that just make it THAT MUCH BETTER.

it was wonderfully thought out, and perfectly cheesy where it could be and perfectly timed and just ah! I loved it!

and mars! is always a star!

i dunno.


sorry guys, that's about all i have in me. i have two midterms tomorrow and my brain is fried. XP

but I can't wait for next week. which of course will be the night before my last midterm. ahaha, oh i love priorities. wee!
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Truth: Purple Monkeyvericus on October 9th, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
Rodney's tangents were getting a little annoying, but the rest of it was funfun. Sadness that Elizabeth has left...but we will see her again!

Y'know, it's funny, I'm watching the end of season 3 while watching eps of season 4 as they come out, and everytime I got to watch season 3, Elizabeth keeps catching me off guard by...being there and un-angsty. I have to bite my tongue on telling my parents about how weird it is to see her, since she'll be gone in a few episodes. Which reminds me, I need to get a DVD-RW on the way home...
scarym1: Made by Courtknee.scarym1 on October 9th, 2007 02:12 pm (UTC)
"theyaresoingaylove. heeheehee."

That what I thought when Rodney said "nice kissing" after their not so gentle landing of Atlantis on the new planet. : )

ADB was hilarious. LMAO at Paul in that Dress and when David shouted RYAN!!!! The behind the scene stuff was terrific.

Good Luck with the midterms!!!!